Absolut Elyx Copper Tiny Tini Coupes on Delicious

We’ve seen it track upwards for some time in the form of low-alcohol drinks – and increasingly zero alcohol – to smaller pours and the rise of tiny cocktails: smaller, picture-perfect renditions of classics. First getting a foothold in the world’s best bars, the move to tiny filtered through the hospitality industry and is now a firm favourite with drinkers and bartenders alike.

It’s not solely about the movement towards low alcohol and drinking less that is evident among younger drinkers, says New York-based Miranda Dickson, global brand director for Absolut Elyx, a vodka distilled in a vintage copper still. “The martini was never a millennial drink,” she says. “Although the martini is a well-known, storied drink steeped in glamour, celebration and sophistication, I think people are a little challenged by a 200ml spirit-forward, strong cocktail.”

To read the full article: Delicious. UMVs: 10,190,816, The Rise of Tiny Cocktails, and what it means for your home bar, by Max Brearley, 04.15.20
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