Absolut Elyx Boutique Copper Tiny Tini Coupes in Bloomberg: Teeny Tiny Martinis Are Taking Over

Having quietly become fixtures at bar industry events, baby martinis—“’tinis” in bar world lingo—are sweeping into top bars. Among the most striking reason for today’s teeny martini: Even the drink’s most ardent fans think today’s martinis are too big.

“About 10 years ago, there was a trend for these huge, 16-ounce martinis,” says Miranda Dickson, Absolut Elyx’s global brand director. “My goodness, that’s all spirits. It’s just not a pleasant way to have that drink.

Order a martini at a craft cocktail bar, and you’ll be presented with 4 ounces of liquid, give or take a few splashes. Specs vary based on preference, but a classic martini contains from 2 oz. to 3 oz. of gin or vodka, with a smaller, or equal, portion of modifier such as vermouth. (Around an ounce of water is added when the drink is stirred or shaken, if you insist, with ice.) 

With an eye on trends, The Elyx Boutique debuted a 3-oz. copper martini coupe. In December consumers will be able to purchase Absolut Elyx mini-copper martini sets for $49. “That was originally how you had a cocktail,” Elyx’s Miranda Dickson says. “If you went to someone’s house, you’d be served a little drink.”

Read the full article here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-25/teeny-tiny-martinis-are-taking-over

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