Recipiente para ponche en forma de flamingo

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  • Welcome the beauty of copper into your home with the ultimate party centerpiece, our Absolut Elyx Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl. Impress your guests with some of our delicious recipes from the enclosed cocktail book or tap into your inner mixologist and experiment with creations of your own.

    Punch is considered to have been the earliest form of a cocktail from which all other cocktails originated... Now it's time to treat your guests to a modern and elegant spin on the classic group drink.

    Presented in a beautiful ready-to-gift presentation box, our Copper Flamingo ensure you won’t find a more impressive punch bowl anywhere.

    Here’s what our customers are saying about this product:
    “I love the fact it can be used as home decor but also perfect to prepare large recipes when I host friends. Stunning look and quality!” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – Jeremie M.

    “The Flamingo is the perfect punch bowl for summer parties. Was a major hit!” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – Jasmin D.

  • Contains:
    1 x 78.4 fl oz Flamingo Punch Bowl
    1 x Copper plated ladle
    1 x Punch recipe book

    Dimensions of the Flamingo:
    Height: 15.08" – 38.3 cm
    Width: 14.65" – 37.2 cm
    Length: 5.35" – 13.6 cm
    Weight: 8.51 pounds – 3860 grams
    Capacity: 78.74 fl oz. – 2000 ml

    Dimensions of the Gift Box:
    Height: 7.68" – 19.5 cm
    Width: 18.5" – 47 cm
    Length: 18.5" – 47 cm
    Weight: 16.78 pounds – 7600 grams

    Each Absolut Elyx Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl is made of copper-plated brass and sealed with an FDA-approved food-safe lacquer and is presented in a beautiful ready-to-gift presentation box.

    Please wash before use. In order to preserve this item and its components, we recommend that you wash them by hand. Do not put in the dishwasher.

  • Punches themselves are thought to be the earliest form of cocktails. They originated in the mid-17th century, when British sailors ran out of wine and beer, and thus turned to local spirits to quench their thirst. The problem was that spirits 3-400 years ago were nowhere near as smooth and refined as they are today, so the sailors would scrounge together whatever other ingredients they could find to mix with the spirit and make it more palatable. Rather than make only small batches, they mixed a lot of this together at once and stored it in a barrel called a puncheon, hence the name punch.

    As for the flamingo, this elegant bird symbolizes beauty, balance, and grace. Additionally, they are vibrant, social animals that prefer to be in the presence of others, so we hope you'll heed their advice, invite some friends over, and enjoy a refreshing punch!

Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl
Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl
Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl
Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl
Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl
Copper Flamingo Punch Bowl

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